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Ah, restaurants! Temples of culinary delights, crucibles of chaos, and the places where your napkin doubles as a sneeze shield. We at Lagrange Systems spend more time deciphering menus than studying textbooks, and we know running a restaurant takes finesse, grit, and the ability to dodge flying spatulas.

That's why we created Lagrange Systems: a tech haven for weary restaurateurs seeking sanity amid the sizzle and steam. We're not just a software company; we're your digital sous chef, your AI pricing expert, and your resident comedian (although your jokes are still funnier, sorry).

Picture this: software that doesn't just work for you but thinks with you, tailoring itself to the ever-changing rhythm of your restaurant's needs. We've harnessed a bouquet of AI techniques to make this a reality. Imagine staff schedules that write themselves, insights that transform your staffing strategy, and pricing recommendations that hit the sweet spot every time. It's like having a crystal ball for revenue forecasting and demand planning, coupled with a magnifying glass to fine-tune your menu to perfection.

We take the guesswork out of running your restaurant, freeing you up to do what you do best: creating culinary masterpieces and dodging those aforementioned spatulas.

How a Bakery Baked Up an AI Powerhouse

Once upon a time, in the bustling kitchen of +58 Gourmet, amidst the aroma of freshly baked bread and the clatter of pans, a revelation was cooking. Faced with the all-too-familiar recipe of high staffing costs and operational hiccups, we donned our detective hats and dived into the doughy depths of data analysis.

We found a method so precise in predicting staffing needs, it was like having a crystal ball, but for scheduling. This wasn't just a pinch of efficiency; it was a whole new flavour of operational prowess. By dramatically reducing payroll expenses and turning the chaos of the kitchen into a well-oiled machine, we didn't just bake better bread—we baked up an idea.

That's when the light bulb moment struck, brighter than a bakery oven at high noon. If we could work magic at +58 Gourmet, why not share the spell with the whole restaurant world? Thus, Lagrange Systems was born, not from a flash of Silicon Valley inspiration, but from the messy, flour-dusted trenches of a real bakery facing real problems.

Restaurant Rocket Fuel

At Lagrange Systems, we're all about freeing you to do what you do best: cook fantastic food and make your guests feel like VIPs. Thus, our mission is to become Restaurant Rocket Fuel. We want every eatery we partner with to blast off into success.

Our team

At Lagrange Systems, we believe that great software comes from great minds. That's why we've assembled a team of passionate experts, each bringing their unique blend of experience and talent to the table.

Luis Da Silva, CEO of Lagrange Systems

Luis Da Silva, CEO

Luis is an expert in software development, artificial intelligence, economics, and of course, restaurants. Luis has seen the industry from all sides, consulting on countless projects and leading tech initiatives that have brought in over a million dollars in annual recurring revenue. He's the visionary leading the Lagrange charge, and his passion for both food and technology is contagious.

Jose Da Silva, CTO of Lagrange Systems

Jose Da Silva, CTO

Jose is the tech maestro. Expert in full-stack systems engineering and intelligence systems. He can build anything from scratch. With Jose at the helm, our systems are always humming smoothly, ready to tackle any restaurant challenge you throw their way.

Carlos Pulido, CSO of Lagrange Systems

Carlos Pulido, Chief Sales Officer

Carlos knows firsthand the joys and tribulations of running a restaurant, having successfully managed +58 Gourmet. His deep understanding of the industry's pain points fuels his passion for bringing our solutions to the world. He speaks the language of restaurateurs, and his infectious enthusiasm makes him a champion for every business he partners with.

Don't Let Your Passion Burn: How Lagrange Keeps Culinary Dreams Alive

The restaurant industry brims with vibrant creativity, fueled by the passion of chefs and restaurateurs who pour their hearts onto plates. But here's the rub: not all restaurants reach culinary nirvana. Some, tragically, die too young.

This very passion can sometimes be obscured by operational challenges, dimming the dream of culinary success. That's where we, the slightly-less-awesome-but-way-more-tech-savvy folks at Lagrange Systems, come in. We recognize this struggle and dedicate ourselves to safeguarding that flame.

We believe every passionate individual deserves the opportunity to thrive in the world of food. Our software empowers restaurateurs to focus on their culinary artistry by streamlining operations, optimizing staffing, and providing data-driven insights to inform crucial decisions. By removing the burden of administrative complexities, we help businesses run more efficiently, freeing up the resources and energy to concentrate on what truly matters: the food and the guest experience.

Because honestly, the world needs more culinary dreams to come true, not turn into cold fries under the heat lamp of reality. We want that ramen joint with the secret broth recipe to thrive, that taco truck with the dancing salsa lady to keep on rolling, and that family-run diner with the world's best pancakes to stay open forever.

So join us, dear food lovers, in this delicious crusade! Let's empower restaurants, celebrate culinary dreams, and turn every meal into an adventure.

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