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Optimal Pricing for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Get an expert to update your pricing structure and maximize your profits.

Our team leverages AI to find the best prices, at no upfront cost with guaranteed results.

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Data-driven pricing for restaurants

Everything is in the data! It reveals your customers' hidden preferences and allows you to track seasonal favorites, popular pairings, and ideal price points.

Our AI analyzes this behaviour, extracts these insights and suggests a pricing structure that increases your profits.

Lagrange is a platform designed to help restaurants, bars and coffee shops maximize profits

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

Each item's demand curve acts as a roadmap to the ideal price, and thus the maximum profit.

Try for yourself!

Pricing optimization was once a luxury for big chains.

Not anymore.

Our AI-powered solution makes sophisticated pricing strategies affordable for independent restaurants.

Aligned for Growth

We're invested in your success. Our science-based recommendations and revenue-share model ensure we win together. We absorb all the risk and share the rewards.

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